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Database Design

Whether it be the mighty MSSQL or the lighter, free version of MySQL, we’ve seen it all. We offer database maintenance, query optimisation, replication, clustering services and complete server setup to monetise your trade with high security.

Desktop Application

We at WLL, build amazing tailored desktop applications for small to medium level enterprises. Talk to our experts and find out how to grow your business by having a strong server-side application. We specialise in Reports, Accounts, CRM.

Web Application

Need to reach wider audiences? Working from home systems? We transform your desktop applications into secure, responsive and custom-built web applications with the latest web technologies. We even support marketing and SEO tools.

Mobile Application

Take your business to the next step by having your own apps developed with your brand and logo. We provide awesome personalised mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices in an affordable cost plan.


Being reliable is our strongest selling point. For any uninterrupted priority services, we offer a variety of maintenance packages. Our support includes instant bug fixes, product upgrades, remote monitoring, software training and support.

Technical review

We examine the suitability of solutions by doing walkthroughs, inspections and technical assessments to ensure that the software product meets specified requirements and aligns with predefined standards.

On - Demand Developers

We offer developers on-demand who are capable in programming using major languages in simple and uncomplicated price plans. We grant dedicated developers support who embody the proficiencies to deliver a better application experience seamlessly integrating it into your organisation as well as providing for any future upgrades.

About us

Waterlily Labs is a young and ambitious software company established in 2019 to provide awesome software solutions for an affordable price to all kinds of businesses and individuals. In a sea of software companies, we outperform the most by understanding and interpreting our clients’ requirements and providing exactly what is required.

Our work begins with having a deeper understanding of computer languages, the fundamentals of software development and experience in serving rapid and reliable solutions. We strive to create beautiful code that is rich in functionality and usability. Testimonials prove our ability.

Located at Colombo – the heart of Sri Lanka, we enjoy creating the best system for the best price plan. Over the years, we witnessed our products helping businesses to grow beyond their targets by having an IT system with a strong back-bone. All members in our team have at least one or more degree and are true specialists in IT and software development.

  • Custom-built software
  • Recursive solutions
  • Affordable cost

Why choose us?

Because we know what we can do, and we do it better


Having already worked with a number of UK Government projects, we know the importance of security. That’s why all our solutions come with security in-built. We even support GDPR-compliant systems.

Within a short term, we have gained an enormous level of positive customer feedback from successful software launches in different industries. Shaping and enriching the corporate lives of our customers is our key principle.

We offer high quality IT solutions for desktop, web and mobile applications that can be customised for any industry with the latest technologies. We also build tailored database designs and offer support to our clients after the rollout of any application.

Feel free to consult us for more details.

High Quality Solutions

We offer world-class software applications and other IT solutions that are completely secure and safe.

Latest Blended Technologies

We develop applications using .NET frameworks, Java, JavaScript libraries including AngularJS and Node.js, bootstrap and more.

Place of Innovations

We craft all our software applications with sleeker designs and intuitive creativity, creating a perfect fusion between logic and artistic finesse.


We value privacy above everything else, all our projects are sealed and developed in a secured environment.

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